The Future of SGG Patronage is here.

Hello, valued existing and potential patrons due to your generous contributions, we have been able to invest in the ability to seemlessly integrate our patron levels with out brand new website. What that means is that we can leave the boring, limited formatting of Patreon posts behind us. We have begun to write articles for and you expect new content every weekday moving forward. The majority of these posts will begin locked to certain patron levels, but will unlock to the public eventually. This way I can reward you all with a preview. Some posts, particularly podcasts and similar media, will remain locked to higher levels. For this first week, I am not locking or previewing any posts (except for the “Umm Notebook Lazy Podcast”) as we get some content on the site. Next week’s posts will be visible only to patrons for 1 week. After that, two weeks will be the norm. After building up a backlog of content for you all, our goal will be to launch a merch store. Again, this will be integrated with Patreon for added benefits. In the meantime, the tentative weekly schedule for content will be as follows:

Mondays: Artwork

Tuesdays: Setting

Wednesdays: Podcast

Thursdays: Fiction

Fridays: Game Content

Go check out for the first three articles, with Friday’s already posted as it is an enhancement of a previous Patreon article.

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