Lessons: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

When I heard that WotC was putting out an expansion that offered some remedies for their troublesome take on Races, I knew that I needed to see their solutions since we would be making our own corrections on the system. Therefore, I immediately bought it when it went on sale yesterday. What they offered was an OK set of optional rules to patch up what they did in their PHB. Seeing what they did, I feel confident that our system will be better, and will still allow you to make the folks that you know and love. We will largely accomplish this through Feats, many of which will have appropriate Prerequisites so that they can’t be abused by minmaxers. I don’t want to go into what we’re working on until all of the Ancestries are done and the Rules Duwende have had at least a chance to look at them. The one thing that I took away from TCoE was their lackluster “generic origin.” It didn’t seem particularly good or to offer many options, but it did make think of offering something similar. Let us know if you have strong opinions one way or the other on that one.

Something in Tasha’s Cauldron that had more of an effect on how I viewed our offerings was their system of Class options. Many of these were simply additions to spell lists and patching oversights like allowing a Bardic Inspiration Die to add to spell damage and healing – something we were going to include anyway. They also put in a rule for most, if not all, classes that allowed you to swap out some character choice when you hit Ability Increase levels. We were going to have a generic rule that’s even more generous, so nothing earthshattering there, either. However, it’s where we see the straight-up additional Class features that raised an eyebrow. We were already looking to give some classes a bit more oompf through Sub-class features, but these addenda provide us with an exemplar to which we can compare the changes that we made. The fact that some changes, like the Barbarian’s start earlier than some of our Barbarian subs. For instance, this makes me think that even though our Path of the Moon-Eaters offers awesome high level features, maybe we should even the boosts out from the beginning. The first of our Beta Rule articles were slated for this Friday and this may push that back to next week. Stay tuned.

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