Bukana Illustrated: Mariner & Warrior-Caste Backgrounds

In this installment of Art of Bukana, we introduce Gladys Domalaon. This very talented artist comes to us from Luzon. We found her work on Instagram and were very impressed with her Hiraya project, in which she illustrated numerous creatures of Philippine myth. Her style and imagination had us reach out to her immediately.

Luckily she was available, so we put her right to work on two of our brand new Backgrounds, the Mariner and Warrior-Caste. Being an archipelago populated by intrepid seafaring tribes, the mariner can be chosen to represent all manner of folk who are at home on the waves, from pirates and foreign sea captains to humble fishers and guides. This fellow is a Sangibu deckhand on an armed merchant ship sailing out of the Amethyst Sultanates.

Like the maharlika of the Tagalogs or the timawa of the Visayans, many Bukanese cultures have proud warrior traditions. This Lampasigan maharlika is a minor noble of a coastal tribe on Panabas Island.

You’re going to see a lot more of Gladys’ work since we have decided to let her bring our character options to life. Meet us back here next month to see our vision for the merfolk bloodlines.

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