Cultures: Tigayon Tribes

This is a new series of articles that will discuss various ethnolinguistic groups within Bukana and beyond. An ethnolinguistic group is an umbrella term for a number of tribes that are joined together by common language and traditions. For instance, today we are looking at the Tigayon. This is a term that may or may not be used by members of this culture to describe themselves. Many “Tigayon” would instead refer to themselves by their specific tribal name, without acknowledging any relation to another Tigayon-speaking tribe. Players are encouraged to work with GMs to come up with a character’s tribe and think about how they relate to other nearby tribes. We have recently discussed how we intend to handle “racial” stats in Bukana, by using Cultural and Tribal feats that are not tied to any particular ancestry (race) or bloodline (subrace).

Tigayon Archer

You may remember this brave warrior from our one of our very first articles.

The Tigayon-speaking tribes hail from the northeastern islands. They are a lowland people who have been heavily influenced by regular contact with Bhodan. Like the Lampasigan, they have many large, cosmopolitan ports and rely heavily on foreign trade. As such, they are a gregarious people with whom many merchants prefer to have their dealings. Similarly, they also have a well-established warrior-caste called the Timawa. However, their military duties have largely become ceremonial, as a whole. The Tigayon language has made many contributions to the Bukanese Common trade tongue and speakers of these languages can convey simple ideas to each other with some difficulty.

  The Pahli-cha religion has found fertile ground amongst these people, but outside of the Anggrephon Rajahnate, its practitioners are a minority. Their native religion focuses on duality and balance. They pray to many spirits, but their gods are split evenly between courts of the Sky- and Under-Realms. Each of these dual pantheons is ruled by a pair of deities. These powerful spirits often have both male and female aspects to them found throughout the teachings of the Tigayon. 

  The married rulers of the Sky Court are Kusog and Lawom, supreme gods of the sky and sea, respectively. These deities are attended by Nagdan-ag, Landong, Walog, Naghunahuna, and Malumo. Their home is Kahilwayan, one of the highest among the Sky-Realms. The Tigayon also place a great deal of emphasis on venerating their ancestors and make regular sacrifices to these anitus.

  The Under Court is ruled by the siblings Nagyelo and Nagdugok – purveyors of death and disease. They lord over Giya, Maloloy-on, Pagluwa, Nasuko, and Natago. Maloloy-on is the twin of Landong with whom she switched courts so that they could learn from each other. These dark spirits live in the Under-Realm of Kasakitan.

Tigayon (tribal feat)

Prerequisites: Starting character, can speak Tigayon, & either human ancestry or Bukanese Human Society feat 

  You are from one of the Tigayon-speaking tribes of the northeastern islands. You are well-versed in negotiations and have spent a great deal of time interacting with people of different cultures. You gain the following benefits:

  • Your Charisma ability score increases by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You have proficiency with the Negotiation* and Linguistic* skills.
  • You have proficiency with the handaxe.
  • You can speak, but not read or write, one additional language of your choice.
  • You may add both your Intelligence and Charisma bonuses to your Negotiation and Linguistic skill checks.

*new skills to be previewed in a later article

Tigayon Pantheon
Tigayon CourtsAlignmentDomainSymbolWorshippers
Kusog, supreme sky godLGCreationSun over wavesNoble-caste
Lawom, supreme sea godCGCreationSun over wavesNoble-caste
Nagdan-ag, the good sunNGGlorySun & BladeWarrior-caste
Landong, the sinner moonLEDivinationCrescent moonPenitents, paladins of rebirth
Walog, of the plains & valleysLNAgricultureRow stalksFarmers, travelers
Naghunahuna, watcher of streams & lakesNGBeauty, DivinationWinding snakeDiviners, artists
Malumo, keeper of happy homesLGAgriculture, BeautyGrass hutCommoners
Nagyelo, deathbringerLEDestructionHuman skull with fangsWarriors, murderers
Nagdugok, diease speaderCEMaliceHuman skull with hornsWarlocks, poisoners
Giya, the ferrymanNDivinationBoatpaid respect during funerals
Maloloy-on, the mercifulCGBeautyHuman heartHealers
Pagluwa, steward of volcanoesNEDestructionVolcanoSmiths, Nature’s wrath druids
Nasuko, bringer of warCEGloryCrossed sword & spearWarriors, paladins of revenge
Natago, the protector of forbidden placesCNBeauty, MaliceMoon behind cloudDruids of mists, recluses, certain thieves

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