The Story of Bukana, the Gateway to the Sea of Skulls

The archipelago that surrounds the infamous Sea of Skulls is home to fantastic creatures, vibrant cultures, and all manner of heroes… and villains. Here is a collection of their stories.

Storytellers: Family Reunion

Warning: This story contains vulgar language. Name PronunciationTanashyry = “TAHN na sheer ee”Makysyg = “MAH kee see”Kumagat = “KOO mah got” The Feywild city is dark and seemingly composed of nothing but the aerial roots of impossibly large strangler fig trees that formed a latticework of narrow streets and alleyways. For the hundredth time today,…

Storytellers: The Sisters of the Sky

This week, we explore the trinity of demigods that is inspired by the Daughters of Bathala. In Philippine myth, one of the most powerful gods sired three daughters by a mortal woman. These entities seem to really resonate with modern day Filipinx for whom they are symbols of feminine empowerment and energy. This is one…

Storytellers: The Beginning

In this series, we will listen to some of the countless storytellers found in Bukana. Just like the real world Philippines, the Sea of Skulls has a strong oral tradition and there is never a shortage of tales: truth, lies, and sometimes both. “None of what I’m about to tell you is true. How could…