Attending Genghis Con

There will not be any Monster of the Week or other 5e articles this week. I am flying out to Colorado with David Lapp to join Pine Box Entertainment at Genghis Con (I know, I don’t like the name either). It’s a small, regional convention, but I hope to get some learning and networking done;…

Amethyst Sultanates – part 2

When the Ascension Councils need data regarding a divine entity, they often turn to the magi of the Thaumateurgy arcane tradition. – Alpha Rules for a wizard subclass. – Patreon-exclusive alternate feature for the 5e School of Evocation arcane tradition.

Monster of the Week: Ragit-Ragit

So, just so that you don’t think that only the monstrosities of Bukana prey on unwary mortals, here is the ragit-ragit. The fey of WakeSong are often just as deadly as the so-called monsters. Sadly, we have reached a point caused by my lack of forethought: this is where we have several creatures either whose…