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Framework: Ancestries & Bloodlines

Here at Secret Garden Games, we don’t like using the term “Races” to describe various species of peoples and their abilities. And we downright hate the term “Subraces.” So unlike most 5e settings we prefer the terms “Ancestries” and “Bloodlines,” respectively. So we present… Continue Reading “Framework: Ancestries & Bloodlines”

Bukana Illustrated: Mariner & Warrior-Caste Backgrounds

In this installment of Art of Bukana, we introduce Gladys Domalaon. This very talented artist comes to us from Luzon. We found her work on Instagram and were very impressed with her Hiraya project, in which she illustrated numerous creatures of Philippine myth. Her… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Mariner & Warrior-Caste Backgrounds”

Bukana Illustrated: Pongos

So we’re going to take a lookar a new Ancestry (race) available to players along with its two Bloodlines (subraces): the Pongos. In brief, the Pongo ancestry is composed of species with ape- or monkey-like features. That’s it. I’m sure that once we explore… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Pongos”

Framework: Class & Sub-Classes

Bukana will utilize all of the standard player Classes available to 5e settings. However, we will not be publishing any of the Sub-Classes from those core rules. Instead, we will crafting 40 new ones that are anchored in the cultures that can be found… Continue Reading “Framework: Class & Sub-Classes”

Storytellers: Family Reunion

Warning: This story contains vulgar language. Name PronunciationTanashyry = “TAHN na sheer ee”Makysyg = “MAH kee see”Kumagat = “KOO mah got” The Feywild city is dark and seemingly composed of nothing but the aerial roots of impossibly large strangler fig trees that formed a… Continue Reading “Storytellers: Family Reunion”