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Lessons: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

When I heard that WotC was putting out an expansion that offered some remedies for their troublesome take on Races, I knew that I needed to see their solutions since we would be making our own corrections on the system. Therefore, I immediately bought… Continue Reading “Lessons: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything”

Bukana Illustrated: Pongos

So we’re going to take a lookar a new Ancestry (race) available to players along with its two Bloodlines (subraces): the Pongos. In brief, the Pongo ancestry is composed of species with ape- or monkey-like features. That’s it. I’m sure that once we explore… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Pongos”

World of Bukana: Foreigners

Bukana means “Gateway.” That is because it is the trade hub of its world. The people of the Sea of Skulls have grown rich and powerful because of the influx of goods flowing into the region from far off lands. The waters off the… Continue Reading “World of Bukana: Foreigners”