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Bukana Illustrated: The Markupo

I mentioned Last Time that one of the first things I did upon starting the Bukana project was to trawl Artstation for Filipinix artists. I discovered an illustrator that was already making truly stunning images of indigenous creatures. I quickly recognized the name Brian… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: The Markupo”

Storytellers: The Beginning

In this series, we will listen to some of the countless storytellers found in Bukana. Just like the real world Philippines, the Sea of Skulls has a strong oral tradition and there is never a shortage of tales: truth, lies, and sometimes both. “None… Continue Reading “Storytellers: The Beginning”

World of Bukana: The Planes

Much of what the ancient inhabitants of the Philippine islands once believed has been lost to time. What little we do know comes largely from Spanish missionaries as they began their colonization of the archipelago. Our understanding of their beliefs suggests a concept of… Continue Reading “World of Bukana: The Planes”

Bukana Illustrated: The art of asher

When I decided that the first game that I would develop for Secret Garden Games would be a roleplaying game inspired by non-European mythologies, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. You see? As far as I know, I am… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: The art of asher”

Introducing ‘SRD Apocrypha’

Our Bukana roleplaying setting is being published using the Open Game License (see below) provided by Wizards of the Coast, makers of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG. This allows us to use the core rules of Fifth Edition (5e) without using any of their… Continue Reading “Introducing ‘SRD Apocrypha’”