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Alpha Test: Barbarian & Bard Subclasses

This is the first of yet another series. Today we begin showing you all first looks at the earliest drafts of our character option rules. As we revealed in our Subclass Descriptions, each class has 3 subclass options in what will be our Player’s… Continue Reading “Alpha Test: Barbarian & Bard Subclasses”

Cultures: Tigayon Tribes

This is a new series of articles that will discuss various ethnolinguistic groups within Bukana and beyond. An ethnolinguistic group is an umbrella term for a number of tribes that are joined together by common language and traditions. For instance, today we are looking… Continue Reading “Cultures: Tigayon Tribes”

New Rules: Cultural & Tribal Feats

Our Bukana game uses the Feat rules presented in the 5E Core Rules. Instead of being optional, as they are in that document, they are the standard for us, although we will present optional rules for NOT using them. The portrayal of race has… Continue Reading “New Rules: Cultural & Tribal Feats”

Bukana Illustrated: Mariner & Warrior-Caste Backgrounds

In this installment of Art of Bukana, we introduce Gladys Domalaon. This very talented artist comes to us from Luzon. We found her work on Instagram and were very impressed with her Hiraya project, in which she illustrated numerous creatures of Philippine myth. Her… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Mariner & Warrior-Caste Backgrounds”

World of Bukana: Pahli-Cha, the Puzzle-Walk

Pahli is the Bhodhani god of mazes, secrets, and enigmas. In that far-off land, they are but a single minor divinity amongst a multitude of gods. However, in the last several centuries, their worship has transcended that pantheon and has now spread out from… Continue Reading “World of Bukana: Pahli-Cha, the Puzzle-Walk”

Bukana Illustrated: Pongos

So we’re going to take a lookar a new Ancestry (race) available to players along with its two Bloodlines (subraces): the Pongos. In brief, the Pongo ancestry is composed of species with ape- or monkey-like features. That’s it. I’m sure that once we explore… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Pongos”

Framework: Class & Sub-Classes

Bukana will utilize all of the standard player Classes available to 5e settings. However, we will not be publishing any of the Sub-Classes from those core rules. Instead, we will crafting 40 new ones that are anchored in the cultures that can be found… Continue Reading “Framework: Class & Sub-Classes”

World of Bukana: Foreigners

Bukana means “Gateway.” That is because it is the trade hub of its world. The people of the Sea of Skulls have grown rich and powerful because of the influx of goods flowing into the region from far off lands. The waters off the… Continue Reading “World of Bukana: Foreigners”

Bukana Illustrated: Spirit Masks

This is the first part of a series within a series. We’re going to look at how we adapted somewhat obscure creatures from Philippine myth into a player bloodline (‘subrace’). Very briefly, we need to discuss the devastating impact that the Spanish had on… Continue Reading “Bukana Illustrated: Spirit Masks”

World of Bukana: The Planes

Much of what the ancient inhabitants of the Philippine islands once believed has been lost to time. What little we do know comes largely from Spanish missionaries as they began their colonization of the archipelago. Our understanding of their beliefs suggests a concept of… Continue Reading “World of Bukana: The Planes”